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It is hard for us to talk about ourselves, but here I am. As a child growing up in Syria I learned sewing, knitting, crochet and embroidery. Later on, these skills all helped me in my artwork: (because of my small size, I had to sew all my clothes too). Being a civil engineer gave me the ability to draw and cut the fabrics, papers and other materials into perfect straight and curved shapes.

My first exhibition, in 2003, was just a few pieces of patchwork, purely fabrics (my favourite). Since then, I have not stopped, and almost every year I have exhibited and continued working with paper, (the handmade ones are really beautiful), card, fabrics and other materials. I also work with mixed media and plastics, especially used carrier bags. This was another challenge in the field of recycling, as it is very difficult to recycle carrier bags successfully - but not for me. I have recently started to create encaustic art, (painting with wax paints), it is a really beautiful area to work in.

My work comprises framed work (pictures), encaustic paintings, wall hangings, greeting cards (very special, my own design) and different styles of bags. Examples of this work are available for sale in my online shop, while some of those already sold can be seen in the Gallery of Past Work.

Ghalia Asaid
Easdale Island


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